Haunted Destinations Across America

You thought haunted houses are only seen in movies and read in novels; well this will be a game changer. Did you know that some of the spookiest spots are in the United States of America? Go on and read to find out more about the spooky houses that have left people scared to death. Here is the list of some of the scariest destinations in America.

In West Virginia lies Moundsville Penitentiary which is the final destination for prisoners. The place is in operation since 100 years, and it has seen the final days of more than 1000 criminals. The prison is known for its violent correctional facilities. The place is crampy, and it is the place where many criminals were electrocuted or hanged and still others killed by their own prison mates. Since its closing in 1995 rumors are rife that tortured spirits are seen or heard while on tour.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum also known as Weston State Hospital was an asylum for thousands of people affected by mental illness. The Asylum commenced its operations in 1864, and it was finally closed down in 1994 where hundreds of people died due to illness. It is still believed that the spirits haunt the place to date. Paranormal tours are conducted with experienced ghost hunting guides. The tours of the facility are a 2-hour visit and to the asylum is a 4-hour visit. There is an 8-hour paranormal adventure overnight journey for the brave heart.

Visions of an axeman with crying children were the scene of paranormal activity at the Old White Frame house located at 508 E Second Street where a family of six, Josiah B Moore, his spouse and four children along with two young girls were murdered on 10 June 1912. The cause for the murder, not the murderer was identified. The place became a site for paranormal activities, and in 1994 it was restored to its original condition. Paranormal tours are conducted at this site for a group on the reservation between April to November.

The popular Cuban Club located at the Tampa Ybor City locality is known to be a popular Cuban immigrant hangout in 1917. The place is now taken over by the National Historic Register and is a venue for a special setting for ghost stories and ghosting riding on elevators and playing the piano.

The Fort Mifflin is a Revolutionary battlefield of the 1771 and is reportedly a destination for spirits from the wartime. The ghost a screaming woman, faceless man and a tour guide are some of the characters of the ghost story. It is reported that the Philadelphia police conducted an investigation only to find no one at the spot.

The Sultan house at 716 Dauphine Street is a classic beauty. It housed the sultan, his wives and served as a harem to young boys and women. The Sultan was buried alive in the courtyard, and it is still believed that the ghost of the Sultan advances on female guests at the Palace.

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The Most Eerie Places On Earth

People of all ages love to watch horror films, and many of them prefer to experience it in person. For those ghost lovers here are some spooky places that can leave your blood drained. Go ahead and check out these spine-chilling places as you experience some nerve-racking moments.

Ask anyone at the Pluckley village if they have you heard of the Red Lady and the Highwayman and the petrified looks on their faces will tell you the rest of the story. In this small village in England, people prefer to stay indoors. It is home to 12 official ghosts.

This may be the UNESCO World Heritage Site, but that does not make it free from ghostly secret. The Canals of Xochinico near Mexico City you can find decaying dolls hanging from the trees on one of the floating islands. Some of the dolls have a hole in their eye, and others severed limbs. At the Isla de las Munecas a body of a young girl has washed ashore, and the caretaker of the island hung her dolls in her memory. To this, he added more dolls over 50 years. After his death, the place was left in the same condition in his memory.

Popularly known as the Battleship Island the creepy island is an abandoned place that was featured in the James Bond series Skyfall. It served as a prison camp during the wartime. The place was abandoned in 1974, and the place is haunted. A boat tour from Nagasaki for ghost adventure lovers is available with the assistance of a guide.

This may be a bit fancy but true. The Tower of London has a ghost adventure of its own. The tower is said to have seen the death of Queen Anne Boleyn who was killed by her husband King Henry VIII in 1536 and Princes Edward V and Richard were killed by uncle Duke of Gloucester in 1483. Well, this truly is a haunted royal tower.

Catacombs is a sea of skulls located in Paris. It is a basement labyrinth that holds skulls from the Cemetery of the Innocents. The place is apt for a visit during rainy days.

This Scottish haunted castle is isolated and abandoned Eerie castles and battlefields by its side. It is located in the city of Edinburgh and is called the Edinburgh Castle. The place is paranormal in nature with sightings of ghostly drummers and pipers. The ghost tour visit includes mysterious cemeteries and basement vaults.

Monte Cristo Homestead is just three hours away from Canberra and is a popular tourist attraction. The Victorian House is where the Ryan family lived in 1963. The place is haunted by a pregnant maid, stable boy, and other ghostly visitors. Take a Saturday night ghost tour to enjoy the paranormal experience.

Into South Africa’s oldest building, the Casteel de Goede Hoop, the prison, and the fort are known for its century-long history of haunting; people go for haunted tours. Pieter Van Noodt, the former Governor, is said to roam around the castle walls with his big black dog.

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Paranormal Activity 2 (7/10) Movie CLIP – Dragged to the Basement (2010) HD

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